Healthy Chocolate for Your Valentine

Let’s face it. We’re all going to eat chocolate for
Valentine’s Day. But there’s no need to feel guilty!
Chocolate is actually good for you…it’s all the things added
to it that are the problem. Here’s how you can choose
delicious healthy chocolates for your Valentine.


The gift of chocolate to a beloved as a token of love is
more than just tradition. Naturally-occurring compounds in
chocolate produce that mild euphoria of being in love and
contribute to enjoyable interpersonal relations by elevating
mood and enhancing sensory perception.

Beyond good feelings, chocolate benefits the body in many
ways. In moderation, chocolate can contribute to heart
health, help you live longer, suppress a chronic cough, and
add needed magnesium to your diet. Chocolate even contains a
high level of chromium, which can help control blood sugar.

Chocolate does NOT cause acne, most headaches, or
hyperactivity, and does not raise cholesterol.


While chocolate itself is fine to eat, there are some
substances present in chocolate products that you should
watch out for.

Most chocolate products contain tremendous amounts of
refined white sugar, which is harmful to health in many

Chocolate may also contain pesticides. The EPA allows
various levels of pesticide residue to be present in cocoa
powder, and the FDA Total Diet Study found them in many
chocolate products.

Many chocolates also contain the toxic metals cadminum and
lead. “Significant levels” of these metals were found in 68%
of the common chocolate products tested. There is no safe
level for lead, and it is particularly harmful to children.


Here are some guidelines for choosing the healthiest

1. Choose chocolates with the least amount of refined white
sugar or other sweetener. Dark “bittersweet” chocolates with
a high percentage of cocoa solids (usually the label will
state the exact percentage) have less sugar than semisweet
or milk chocolate and also have the greatest health
benefits. Keep in mind that flavor additions, such as dried
fruits and candied ginger may also add sugar to the

2. Choose chocolates sweetened with evaporated cane juice or
barley malt. If the evaporated cane juice used is the
unprocessed whole juice of the cane, it acts in the body
like a whole food and doesn’t give a sugar rush. Barley malt
is also a slow-release sweetener, noted on the label as

3. Choose organic chocolates. Certified organic chocolate
ensures there are no harmful pesticide residues.

4. Make your own chocolates. It’s easy to make many
chocolate delights yourself, with the exact ingredients you
want. Start with unsweetened cocoa powder or baking
chocolate and be creative!


Fine chocolate is one of those earthly pleasures to be
savored. When eaten as a special treat, with full
appreciation, a little chocolate can go a long way.

Choose quality over quantity. If you are going to eat
chocolate, eat really good chocolate. Then, for maximum
enjoyment, give the taste of the chocolate your full
attention, eat it at a time when you are not famished or
overly full, and allow the chocolate to melt in your mouth
to make the experience last.

The Chocolate Love Affair

In order to bring those wanted changes in our lives we have to change the way we are asking. Once you have established a goal, reflect on the way you are asking for that goal to occur.

It is easy to state it as something you do NOT want rather than something that you DO want. For example, let’s say you want to lose weight. You might express this as “I do not want to be fat.” Now consider how this statement makes you feel. You might feel guilt or embarrassment at the thought of being overweight. Now change that statement to something like “I want to be at a healthy weight.” This is less negative. Note how this statement feels versus the previous statement. The new statement takes the sting away, because ‘fat’ does not exist in the statement. The focus of being healthy has replaced it.

Let’s take this one step further and make a definitive statement rather than a wish. Consider the statement “I have decided to be a healthier weight.” This is a statement that you have made a decision and that you will make it happen rather than wishing that it MIGHT happen.

When I was in my 20’s I had a ‘thing’ with chocolate. We had this love affair in which every meal, chocolate was invited. I had to have chocolate with breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between. In fact, chocolate became the meal rather than just an invited guest in many cases. No matter what I tried my thoughts always turned back to chocolate. I was totally head over heels for chocolate.

I decided that enough was enough. I made a decision, “I have decided to eat healthy foods.” This created a reality that gave little room for chocolate to live in. In making this decision, I was focused on eating healthy foods rather than feeling guilty over eating chocolate. This shift in thought led to a new habit of eating yogurt-covered raisins. I ate them but did not have a craving for them. They did however replace my yearning for chocolate and I went a solid year without eating any chocolate whatsoever – without missing it! The love affair was over and my new love was for healthier foods. Now if I am in the mood, I might have a bite or two of chocolate, but I can take it or leave it.

What are the habits you want to change? DECIDE today what you’d prefer instead and make that your new focus. Soon you’ll find you’ll be guided to the people, places, circumstances, events and ideas that will support your new habit and it can happen in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.

Valentine Chocolates

Chocolates are a heavenly treat; therefore chocolates and Valentine’s Day can be referred as a heavenly match. In fact, there is a saying that- “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” So if you are puzzled with the thought of what to gift your girl on Valentine ‘s Day, chocolates would be the best thing that she would love to receive.
The trend of gifting chocolates to your loved one on Valentine’s Day is though a new concept but has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Following this, many have jumped into the business of chocolate making, especially to earn huge profits in the month of February.
With the approaching Valentine’s Day, markets just get filled with varieties of valentine chocolates all around. Apart from their delicious taste and tempting dark brown color, the lucrative wrappings on beautiful baskets or boxes, makes them the perfect gifting option for the day of love. So if you are left with none of the unique ideas for gifting a lovely valentine gift, then this heavenly treat is sure to be loved by your beloved. Though gifting chocolates on valentines have become a common thing these days but it would never let you down in front of your partner if you gift her box of chocolates on Valentine’s day.
However, if you are looking for something unique, then creativeness can also be done with chocolates. Besides, the boring and common way of gifting a box of chocolates, you can come up with some interesting ideas and surprise your beloved.
Either, you can follow any of these ideas:
Now days, alphabetical chocolates are readily available in the markets. You can opt for this range of chocolates and arrange them in a love message to express your feelings for him/her.
Another romantic way of gifting chocolates to your loved one is by wrapping the chocolates balls with a different message on each of them. Your partner will surely love this and will also like the way you made the gift so special for him/her.
Bouquets of flowers are very common on valentine’s but you can make it unique for your partner by gifting a bouquets of his/her favorite chocolates. This would be something really exclusive for your beloved.
Many of the cake and bakery shops also offer chocolate roses. You can gift her the biggest one with a nice wrapping or gift a bunch of chocolate roses as well.
There are plenty of ways of gifting Valentines Chocolates to your beloved. However, the above mentioned ways of gifting chocolates to your special one are sure to make him/her fall in love with you. So, express your eternal love feelings for your soul mate with the heavenly taste of Valentine Chocolate Gifts.

Chocolate Making Is Better When Going To Learn In School

Learning how to make chocolate just isn’t that diverse from realizing the way to bake cookies or cake. You will find books that you can read and related material on-line. But should you wish to find out from one of the experts, you have to go to school and sign up for one of the short courses.
Most of the chocolate courses you will fine cannot be completed in a week. This is since prior to you get your hands dirty, you need to comprehend the history as well as the chemistry just before you are taught the different tactics of generating them and the way to sell them.
You also have to keep in mind that there is a science to generating a high quality item that people would desire to have after they’ve tasted it for the very first time.
For those that desire to make their own product as an alternative to just melting blocks, you’ll have to discover how you can outsource beans, creating your flavor profile and then producing these in bulk.
You can find also courses on high quality control to make sure those that choose to go into the organization are able to sustain what they’ve started.
An additional program that is like a master’s degree in chocolate producing has classes and tours to chocolate factories not merely within the US but in Canada, Belgium, France and Italy.
For people who don’t have the time to give up their standard jobs, they can learn about producing chocolate online.
Schools that give this be sure the curriculum is offered 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. It is possible to begin and stop anytime you want so you’re able to bear in mind everything that is taught before moving on to the next module.
Soon after finishing the program, you’ll be able to use your information to start your own company or look for work inside the backing, catering, confectionary or food service business.
This isn’t poor even for those who have in no way taken baking classes prior to due to the fact the learning method takes you from fundamental abilities to more advance work. Some of these schools also offer internship programs so it is possible to practice what you have learned under the direction of a master chocolatier.
But absolutely nothing compares to education appropriate there inside the kitchen. You just should make the time and in the event you can’t make it to classes on weekdays, see if you can find those being provided on weekends.
The cost of tuition in chocolate creating schools varies depending on the kind of program and also if this is completed within the kitchen or at property. For those that decide to find out within the kitchen, they do not have to worry since all the materials they will need will already be supplied. For those at house, they’ve to buy these from the craft store and make do with what they’ve.
Learning the best way to make chocolate with the support of trained experts is a lot far better than attempting to ideal how it can be done through trial and error. After all, it really is an exact science when it comes to mixing the ingredients along with a little bit of advertising and marketing in case you are planning to sell this item within the market.
Once you get the hang of things, it is possible to try some experiments to create concoctions of your own. Following all, chocolates don’t always come in boxes.

History of the Perfume Mixing Machine

You can find these at thrift stores, department and craft stores. Make sure that it is a dainty one that is white or off-white. Stay away from dark colors or bold, bright ones.

Next, you will need to know her favorite fragrance and buy several bottles of them. You can also purchase the body splash and soap to add to the basket. In the bottom of the basket it is a good idea to place pretty tissue paper, preferable with something sparkly on it. Next, place the bottles sporadically about the basket making a nice arrangement of it.

This step is important, throw in some wrapped pieces of chocolate candy to add to the basket of love. You will then want to wrap the basket in a pretty paper. Not just a normal colored paper, but one that stands out. Pink is always a favorite for ladies or a beautiful floral pattern. Tie the basket with a spectacular bow and attach a very nice gift card to let her know how important she is to you. The world of perfumery has been clouded with mystery, especially concerning the history of the perfume mixing machine. Little knowledge has been shared about it as studies have been more focused on its wonderful creation – perfume. Let us discuss the history of the emulsifier and how it works.

How the Emulsifier Works

A perfume mixing machine is a tool used to mix, distill or filter, chill and cool the ingredients. Most of the ingredients are obtained from parts of plants, trees, oils, and alcohols. These are the types of items that are used to make perfumes. The process includes steps which were reserved only for those in the world of chemistry. These steps include particular processes such as distillation, filtration, evaporation, and freezing. These processes help to eradicate the impurities found in the ingredients with the end result being a fresh and untainted fragrance.

The parts of a perfume emulsifier include: various sized tanks an electrical control panel, and systems for freezing and filtration. The tanks are used for a variety of purposes during the process. They can chill, mix, cool or just store the ingredients. All the parts of the mixer work together to produce what we know as perfume.

The History of a Perfume Emulsifier

Perfume mixing machine’s history is considered a mystery as only a modest amount of facts has been discovered. However, most researchers agree that some sort of simple mixing device was used about the same time perfumes began to be manufactured.

In 1975, Dr. Paolo Rovesti, the Father of Phytocosmetics, led an archeological expedition in the Indus Valley of what is now called Pakistan. This is where he found unusual terracotta machinery which he described as more of a primitive still. It was stored along with terracotta perfume containers. It was protected and stored in the Taxila Museum. Upon looking more closely at the machinery which was believed to date back to around 3000 BC, he figured that the invention of distillation – one of the processes that the ingredients of perfume have to undergo – began. In Afghanistan, however, very similar equipment had been spotted, and was thought to have existed as early as 2000 BC.

Perfume, as many would agree, was discovered by the Egyptians during the reign of Queen Sheba, the Queen of Yemen and Ethiopia.

Chocolates for the Special One You Are Wedding

A union of two soulful hearts only happens in love. And when these two hearts want to unite to become one, they tie themselves in relationship that is called marriage-Wedding. A wedding means to join each other. It also means to be happy with other.
Wedding is one of the auspicious ceremonies in life. And, wedding favors add beauty to the lovely occasion. They are also known as Chocolate Wedding favors. Chocolates are the world’s greatest expression of taste, tradition and love.
Wedding chocolate favors are always a big hit and they certainly don’t have to be boring. Wedding chocolates are small tokens given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. The sugared almond was the most popular type of favor and which is still a favorite one. However, there are other known wedding favors such as chocolate flowers, chocolate butterflies, and organza bags.
Chocolate is a simile. As it represents sweetness and tells the guests that “you are sweet”.
To gift the guests show your respect towards them. As wedding day is hectic in itself, you may not pay attention to each and every guest who has come to make it one of the happiest moments. Personalized chocolate wedding place cards add a touch of elegance and they make excellent thank you gifts. Chocolate wedding place cards can be unique, stylish, and useful. Also, placed in a gift box monogrammed wedding chocolates will make a decadent and affordable gift for your guests.
But, if you are looking for the perfect gift for your bridal party chocolate is definitely a great choice. Choose personalized chocolate items or something simple but delicious. However, if you are looking for romantic trimmings consider wedding chocolate pearls combined with bow ties. They can be added to your tables for a beautiful but simple accent and they make a wonderful favor.
Wedding Chocolate favors symbolizes bride’s appreciation of each relative and friend who shares her special day. Because, they are a keepsake and a big thank. They are made up of 5 sugared almonds wrapped up in an attractive and beautiful cover with the pleasingly designed boxes or in the form of delicate lace nets. Why only 5 sugared almonds are gifted to the guests is because they symbolize Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility.
Wedding Chocolate Favors make perfect traditional keepsake gifts for all the guests. If we search through history pages, we come to know that they are originated in Italy. Wedding Favors are known as Bomboniere. The Italians use delicate tulles and fine boxes to abridge the 5 sugared almonds.
In United Kingdom, wedding favors are known with other common names such as Bomboniere, Bridal Favors or simply favors. Even, European history shows the origin of the custom of giving wedding favors. It is believed that the first wedding favor was known as a bonbonniere among the European aristocrats.

Also, if you want to provide your guests with a lasting memory from your wedding why not do it with thank you chocolates. When placed in a lovely gift box with a pretty ribbon they can become an integral part of your table d©cor. Add organza pouches or tulle circles filled with shells, ribbon, jewels, or whatever is fitting to your wedding theme. Finish with your chocolate bon bons and you’ve just created a personal wedding favor.
At last, thank your guests for sharing your special day and share with them the excitement and joy with a gift box of exquisite chocolates.

Send Chocolates and Entice Your Girlfriend

As soon as you have a thought of gifting something to your girlfriend, you go in a trauma! Girlfriends are not easily wooed. She needs something extra special in which there has been put lot of efforts. It is a very common dilemma. Any special occasion coming up and thinking of gifting gift to your girlfriend is definitely a tedious task. You think about thousand ideas and nothing seem to work€¦ At some moment you think this is the best gift but on the another moment you will think that this much may be not enough or what if she don’t like it! Now, keep your confusions and dilemma aside and log onto to online gift stores. Yes, buying gifts from online gifts stores is a new IN thing. They offer you wide ranges of gifting items and accessories that are unique and impressive. However, now if you want to woo your girlfriend on her special occasion than send chocolates to her!
Chocolate is the only gift item which she will not deny to accept! Chocolates are of such nature – sweet, tempting, fulfilling and gives you happy feeling as soon as you eat them all. Chocolate is also one of the most thoughtful gift through which you can express numerous emotions and feelings without any hitch. So, whether the occasion is your anniversary or valentines day, you want to tell her how special she is to you or you want to congratulate her on her recent achievements or promotion, chocolates will do all the talking for you. When you choose to send chocolates to India to your girlfriend through online gift stores than let me tell you have lot of unique options in chocolates! Yes, they offer:
Chocolates in Luxurious Boxes
Giving a chocolate box is a very age-old tradition. Whenever you think of giving chocolates as gift to someone, you will instantly think about a chocolate box. However, gone are the days where you send chocolate in a typical round or rectangle plain boxes. Online gift stores will offer you chocolates in a boxes that spell luxury. They do offer round and rectangle shape of boxes but along with that they also offer unique shape and styles or boxes like hexagon shape where the top layer is transparent and tied with a glittering golden bow, then a dome shape box which has meenakari work on it. It gives an authentic look. Then there are boxes with soothing glitter and beautifully hand tied bows and hearts. These boxes also offer delicious assortments of chocolates which can make the recipients taste buds go dancing!
Chocolates In Potlis
This is the most unique style to gift chocolates to your girlfriend. Online gift store will offer you wide range of stylish potlis which are filled until brim with assorted chocolates. The potlis are usually of net an dare made up of jute.. They are very nicely decorated with artificial flowers, sequins, cloth frills and curls, silk ribbons, bows and hearts. A chocolate potli will make an excellent gift choice on occasions like birthday, anniversaries or simply you want to say I love you or I miss you or you want to send her best wishes on festivals like Diwali, Christmas or New Year.
Chocolate Bouquets
They are simply amazing! It is an edible bouquet which is crafted in a form of flower bouquets, It has chocolates molded in a shape of a flower, heart, shell, duck shape and so on€¦ You can gift chocolate bouquets on occasions like Valentines Day, or on your special anniversary.
Online gift store is an uncomplicated method to send chocolates and woo your girlfriend. Chocolate gifts will definitely create an impression and make her fall your you more!

Chocolate Gifts for Perfect Occasions

While we give presents, flowers, and cards on special celebrations as a way of saying “thank you” or “I love you”, there is nothing sweeter than to buy chocolate gift for someone dear to you. In fact, a box of the said sweets is highly preferred by many people from all walks of life. However, in history, it was said that only the kings and nobles were able to enjoy the sweetness of this delicious confectionery.
During the ancient times, this luscious brown treat was believed to be a present from the gods, which made people think that only those with special status in the society can eat it. However, due to several foreign occupations, colonisation of lands, and the advent of commercialism, this enticing dessert began to spread all over the world. Later on, it became a traditional present for many occasions.
So, why are chocolate gifts great surprises for many significant events? Aside from the fact that they can easily be bought from the Internet and come in creative packages, they may also have different themes like birthdays, Valentines, and other celebrations. Although these packages are small, they can certainly make people happy.
Another reason why many loves getting chocolates during special occasions is that they can cheer up troubled souls. The secret behind this effect lies in their chemical properties. According to researchers, a single bar of cocoa-based delights contains stimulants called theobromine and anandamide. When mixed, they may stimulate feelings of satisfaction and cheerfulness. Experts believe that the said delicious confectionery trigger the release of endorphins or so-called ‘happy hormones’. It’s actually the same enzyme that is triggered in the brain when people fall in love.
Cocoa is also known to contain flavanols which are naturally-occurring compounds found in plants that can help ward off free radicals like oxidants in the body. Such agents can cause breakdown of cells and attack healthy tissues, contributing to the weakening of our immunological functions and speeding up the ageing process. They are also linked to various illness, diseases, and other chronic conditions. However, anti-oxidants found in choco can help reduce or decrease the effect of free radicals in the human body, which means eating such sweets is a good way to maintain a healthy physique.
Studies also have shown that chocolate candies and similar treats can improve brain activity and protect it from damage. According to reports, the chemical called epicatechin found in these products are said to be effective in improving our memory.
Indeed, there are lots of things that you can find in every box of chocolate. So, the next time you give one, think about how happy the recipient will be with your present.

Chocolate Sorbet – A Perfect Treat For The Perfect Time

If you’re looking for a palate cleanser, chocolate sorbet may not be the go-to flavor. If, however, you’re looking for a dessert alternative to boring ice cream, it can be the perfect representation of an advanced palate. Adding elegance and excitement to any dinner, it is the perfect treat for the perfect time. Here are some things to consider when buying yours.
When you want chocolate sorbet, you don’t want ice cream. You don’t want gelato. You need a dessert that is authentic and true to the spirit of its history. Of course, that history is Italian in nature and it should be preserved in the product. Light and flavorful, it should accompany a meal without overpowering it. You don’t have to look far to see major national companies that jump on specialty desserts to have some alternative choices to their main brands. While they may present a passable imitation, few of them manage to bring that important authenticity to the table. This is one of the reasons so many choose to make their own at home.
Buying vs Making
If you are planning to make your own chocolate sorbet at home, it can be easy and fulfilling. It does, however, require some planning. It will also require an ice cream maker. Not everyone aims to make their kitchen a castle of domesticity, filled with every possible tool for every possible situation. Sure, you can buy an ice cream maker, but are you going to make chilled desserts often enough to justify the cost? Or the space it is going to take up in your cabinets. On the other hand, buying it pre-packaged comes with its own hazards. Those made with tons of preservatives lose a lot of what makes the dessert great. Those without them are hard to come by. What to do?
Specialty Shops
When you run into this dilemma, you may want to look beyond the Breyers of the world and try out some specialty shops and manufacturers. These companies are usually small start-ups, developed not with the intention of becoming an international branding powerhouse, but rather with the desire to give consumers a counterpoint to bland, over-produced foods. If you can find a good specialty maker in your area (or even online), you’ll surely find the chocolate sorbet you want. If you’re having a hard time, you might also check with local restaurants to see if they can help you out. Find like-minded “foodie” message boards online and you’ll soon find a world of sources for excellent desserts.

A Short History of Chocolate Cake

The history of chocolate cake starts as far back as 1764 when Dr. James Barker made an important discovery with cocoa beans. He worked out how to use two huge circular stones to grind the cocoa beans to powder, thereby producing an early form of chocolate. However, as you can imagine, this was a time consuming method and a lot of work went into creating just a small amount of the wonderful substance and so chocolate was considered to be a luxury item that was only available to the wealthy.
It took more than 60 years for a mechanical extraction method be developed, which was achieved in 1828 by Conrad Van Houten. His method allowed fat to be extracted from cacao liquor producing cacao butter. Partly defatted cacao, a compact mass of solids, was also produced and this could either be sold on as it was or ground down into a powder. This meant chocolate could be produced in much larger quantities and turned it into an inexpensive snack that was available to everyone, instead just being a luxury for the wealthy.In 1879 a technique called conching was developed. This produced a much smoother and silkier type of chocolate. Now this was important for the baking world because this new texture of chocolate was much easier to work into a cake batter, producing a wonderfully light cake. This meant that they were able to incorporate chocolate into many common recipes and really experiment with different types of cake. And so began our love affair with chocolate cake the world over.
Different decades have seen various types of cake come into fashion. In the 1980’s chocolate decadence cakes, a wonderfully rich but light cake, were incredibly popular. The 1990’s saw a huge demand for the individual molten chocolate cakes, which are a gorgeous squidgy chocolate sponge with a liquid chocolate center. The 1990’s was also a time for experimenting with chocolate and infusions with things like chili powder, curry, champagne and passion fruit were being trialed and tasted.
Baking techniques have improved so much over the years that there are now a multitude of varieties of chocolate cake available for us chocoholics to try. They have even managed to produce low fat cake, which seems a contradiction in terms but is actually very tasty and great for those on a diet to be able to eat and get their chocolate fix.
Although the chocolate cake is considered a timeless classic, every country will have a recipe for one that is it well known for. Some of these are very simple to make and wonderfully tasty, others will take a lot of time, patience and preparation but the end results will give your taste buds a work out. So if you are one of the millions of people that love chocolate and also love cooking, maybe you should look up some new recipes so you can experience first hand the twists that other countries add to our humble cake.