All About the Richness of the Dark Belgian Chocolates

The absolutely creamy, bittersweet and the dark lusciousness of the dark Belgian chocolates is a total pleasure for any chocolate lover.
The chocolates are also known as a woman’s ultimate weakness all across the globe, a man’s secret pleasure and a child’s sinful treasure as a trend that never gone to change. Some want them real dark while some want them with the milk as per their taste buds. Some want them filled with the luscious strawberry, mocha or the mint while others don’t want anything but the pure chocolate and its unique goodness contained in it.
The dark Belgian chocolates are some of the creamiest, most delectable and the best chocolates in the entire world. They are indeed known for their one-of-a-kind quality for sure. Many of the prominent countries and the various companies produce their chocolates using the most advanced technology but the dark Belgian chocolates are very well hand-made. They use the extremely high quality products and an old technique to make a bar of the delectable chocolate. Many of the top quality chocolates found in the market are made in the country of Belgium and the studies show that this country produces at least 172,000 tons of the high quality cocoa annually. The Belgians are truly the chocolate lovers – imagine every town of the particular country having its own chocolate stores. These days, there are about 2,000 to 4,000 chocolate stores in the country of Belgium constituting it to be one of the major industries of the country.
What is the history of the dark Belgian Chocolate? The Belgians were already making the chocolates since the beginning of the eighteenth century by hand. The Grand Place is a memorable site not only for the Belgians but also for the millions of the chocolate lovers because it was where Mayor Henri Escher of Zurich tasted his first cup of cocoa which he liked very much that after sipping the heavenly chocolate drink, he decided to take it to Belgium. And by the start of the nineteenth century, the various chocolate factories were sprouting everywhere and largely producing tons upon tons of the chocolates, some of which were exported all across the world.
As the kids, we loved the hard chocolate shell filled with the creamy mocha or mint, but did you ever know about the complete genius who was behind the first hard chocolate shell? It was in the year 1912 that Jean Neuhaus wisely decided to try a chocolate recipe and came up with a very delicious hard chocolate shell that was filled with either cream or ganache.
Chocolates are not only given to the chocolate lovers but are also great for your parents as a way to honour them as the people who brought you into this world. The American chocolates are also of extremely great quality and are liked by millions across the world.