Chocolate Gifts for Perfect Occasions

While we give presents, flowers, and cards on special celebrations as a way of saying “thank you” or “I love you”, there is nothing sweeter than to buy chocolate gift for someone dear to you. In fact, a box of the said sweets is highly preferred by many people from all walks of life. However, in history, it was said that only the kings and nobles were able to enjoy the sweetness of this delicious confectionery.
During the ancient times, this luscious brown treat was believed to be a present from the gods, which made people think that only those with special status in the society can eat it. However, due to several foreign occupations, colonisation of lands, and the advent of commercialism, this enticing dessert began to spread all over the world. Later on, it became a traditional present for many occasions.
So, why are chocolate gifts great surprises for many significant events? Aside from the fact that they can easily be bought from the Internet and come in creative packages, they may also have different themes like birthdays, Valentines, and other celebrations. Although these packages are small, they can certainly make people happy.
Another reason why many loves getting chocolates during special occasions is that they can cheer up troubled souls. The secret behind this effect lies in their chemical properties. According to researchers, a single bar of cocoa-based delights contains stimulants called theobromine and anandamide. When mixed, they may stimulate feelings of satisfaction and cheerfulness. Experts believe that the said delicious confectionery trigger the release of endorphins or so-called ‘happy hormones’. It’s actually the same enzyme that is triggered in the brain when people fall in love.
Cocoa is also known to contain flavanols which are naturally-occurring compounds found in plants that can help ward off free radicals like oxidants in the body. Such agents can cause breakdown of cells and attack healthy tissues, contributing to the weakening of our immunological functions and speeding up the ageing process. They are also linked to various illness, diseases, and other chronic conditions. However, anti-oxidants found in choco can help reduce or decrease the effect of free radicals in the human body, which means eating such sweets is a good way to maintain a healthy physique.
Studies also have shown that chocolate candies and similar treats can improve brain activity and protect it from damage. According to reports, the chemical called epicatechin found in these products are said to be effective in improving our memory.
Indeed, there are lots of things that you can find in every box of chocolate. So, the next time you give one, think about how happy the recipient will be with your present.