Chocolate Sorbet – A Perfect Treat For The Perfect Time

If you’re looking for a palate cleanser, chocolate sorbet may not be the go-to flavor. If, however, you’re looking for a dessert alternative to boring ice cream, it can be the perfect representation of an advanced palate. Adding elegance and excitement to any dinner, it is the perfect treat for the perfect time. Here are some things to consider when buying yours.
When you want chocolate sorbet, you don’t want ice cream. You don’t want gelato. You need a dessert that is authentic and true to the spirit of its history. Of course, that history is Italian in nature and it should be preserved in the product. Light and flavorful, it should accompany a meal without overpowering it. You don’t have to look far to see major national companies that jump on specialty desserts to have some alternative choices to their main brands. While they may present a passable imitation, few of them manage to bring that important authenticity to the table. This is one of the reasons so many choose to make their own at home.
Buying vs Making
If you are planning to make your own chocolate sorbet at home, it can be easy and fulfilling. It does, however, require some planning. It will also require an ice cream maker. Not everyone aims to make their kitchen a castle of domesticity, filled with every possible tool for every possible situation. Sure, you can buy an ice cream maker, but are you going to make chilled desserts often enough to justify the cost? Or the space it is going to take up in your cabinets. On the other hand, buying it pre-packaged comes with its own hazards. Those made with tons of preservatives lose a lot of what makes the dessert great. Those without them are hard to come by. What to do?
Specialty Shops
When you run into this dilemma, you may want to look beyond the Breyers of the world and try out some specialty shops and manufacturers. These companies are usually small start-ups, developed not with the intention of becoming an international branding powerhouse, but rather with the desire to give consumers a counterpoint to bland, over-produced foods. If you can find a good specialty maker in your area (or even online), you’ll surely find the chocolate sorbet you want. If you’re having a hard time, you might also check with local restaurants to see if they can help you out. Find like-minded “foodie” message boards online and you’ll soon find a world of sources for excellent desserts.