Chocolates for the Special One You Are Wedding

A union of two soulful hearts only happens in love. And when these two hearts want to unite to become one, they tie themselves in relationship that is called marriage-Wedding. A wedding means to join each other. It also means to be happy with other.
Wedding is one of the auspicious ceremonies in life. And, wedding favors add beauty to the lovely occasion. They are also known as Chocolate Wedding favors. Chocolates are the world’s greatest expression of taste, tradition and love.
Wedding chocolate favors are always a big hit and they certainly don’t have to be boring. Wedding chocolates are small tokens given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. The sugared almond was the most popular type of favor and which is still a favorite one. However, there are other known wedding favors such as chocolate flowers, chocolate butterflies, and organza bags.
Chocolate is a simile. As it represents sweetness and tells the guests that “you are sweet”.
To gift the guests show your respect towards them. As wedding day is hectic in itself, you may not pay attention to each and every guest who has come to make it one of the happiest moments. Personalized chocolate wedding place cards add a touch of elegance and they make excellent thank you gifts. Chocolate wedding place cards can be unique, stylish, and useful. Also, placed in a gift box monogrammed wedding chocolates will make a decadent and affordable gift for your guests.
But, if you are looking for the perfect gift for your bridal party chocolate is definitely a great choice. Choose personalized chocolate items or something simple but delicious. However, if you are looking for romantic trimmings consider wedding chocolate pearls combined with bow ties. They can be added to your tables for a beautiful but simple accent and they make a wonderful favor.
Wedding Chocolate favors symbolizes bride’s appreciation of each relative and friend who shares her special day. Because, they are a keepsake and a big thank. They are made up of 5 sugared almonds wrapped up in an attractive and beautiful cover with the pleasingly designed boxes or in the form of delicate lace nets. Why only 5 sugared almonds are gifted to the guests is because they symbolize Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility.
Wedding Chocolate Favors make perfect traditional keepsake gifts for all the guests. If we search through history pages, we come to know that they are originated in Italy. Wedding Favors are known as Bomboniere. The Italians use delicate tulles and fine boxes to abridge the 5 sugared almonds.
In United Kingdom, wedding favors are known with other common names such as Bomboniere, Bridal Favors or simply favors. Even, European history shows the origin of the custom of giving wedding favors. It is believed that the first wedding favor was known as a bonbonniere among the European aristocrats.

Also, if you want to provide your guests with a lasting memory from your wedding why not do it with thank you chocolates. When placed in a lovely gift box with a pretty ribbon they can become an integral part of your table d©cor. Add organza pouches or tulle circles filled with shells, ribbon, jewels, or whatever is fitting to your wedding theme. Finish with your chocolate bon bons and you’ve just created a personal wedding favor.
At last, thank your guests for sharing your special day and share with them the excitement and joy with a gift box of exquisite chocolates.