Exploring the Barcelona Chocolate Factories

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you a chocoholic? Well it’s time to slip into some comfy trainers for the chocolate walk that waits for you in Barcelona! Luxury hotels may leave you a delicately wrapped chocolate resting on your pillow, but they will be nothing compared to this. The Chocolate and Sweet Walking Tour will leave you with a goodie-bag of treats, which you can continue to enjoy throughout the rest of your trip. Read on to find out more about this delightful experience.
Welcome! Welcome!
The tour usually begins in central Barcelona where chocoholics can enjoy a variety of Spanish sweet treats in Caf© Patisserie Caelum. Visitors are spoiled for choice with generously dusted ensaimadas, melindros, and the doughnut like churros ready to be dipped into a thick chocolate sauce. Whilst tasting the different treats the guide will share his or her knowledge on the sweet history of chocolate and how it all began. Centuries ago, nuns used to create the fine homemade delicacies such as yeast-based Esaimada cakes, which are formed into a coil shape then finely dusted with sugar.
Next Stop€¦More Chocolate
Next, visitors will find themselves wandering through the Gothic alleyways of the El Born quarter, which pleasantly contrasts with the patisseries, cafes and chocolate stores found there. This is a chance to learn about how chocolate became such a tradition and also try four different samples of turron. The pretty parcels of sweets and chocolates stand out like gems against the cobbled paths and architecture of the Gothic quarter, where many Barcelona luxury hotels are situated. The dreamlike atmosphere of this quaint area is like stepping into the pages of a fairy-tale book and it’s the perfect place to give in to your sweet tooth.
The Hot Chocolate Bar
After sampling pastries and cleansing your palate with a glass of wine at a traditional religious service, it’s time to move on to an authentic bar serving Spanish hot chocolate and fresh horcheta. Popular among locals, this bar may need prompt another visit if you are staying nearby at one of the Barcelona luxury hotels! Perhaps you could try the traditional Barcelona cake, Melindros, the next time you visit, or better yet, have it both times! Sink your teeth into the fresh, filling pastry and know the true delight only sweets can bring.
The End Doesn’t Mean the End
After the sweet, wafting aromas in the El Born district, the tour concludes at the Church of Santa Maria del Mar – where chocoholics are free to wander around and/or leave to explore other sweet possibilities in the city. Each participant receives a goody-bag full of traditional Spanish fruits, which are usually used in desserts (the range varies season-to-season) to take away.
So, knowing what awaits are you ready to taste Barcelona luxury? Hotels offering on pillows will not be able to compare with the treats that hide around many secret corners of the city. It may be a wise idea to visit the dentist before embarking on this sweet quest!