Pistachio Cake Recipe


If you are looking for a delicious dessert idea and love the idea of serving your guests a tasty Italian  cake , this Pistachio  cake   recipe  is for you. The delicious flavor of the pistachios and the buttery goodness of the  cake  will be one of your favorite  recipes  to serve and to cook. The glaze on this pistachio  cake   recipe  it sweet, tart and tasty. It is full of lemon and sugar and chunks of nuts. It is excellent to be served after a delicious meal as a dessert or on its own.

Ingredients for Pistachio  cake   recipe :

o 2 ¼ sticks of margarine or softened butter

o 1 fresh lemon

o 1 bean of vanilla

o 2/3 of a cup of blanched almonds

o ¾ cup of pistachios

o 1 ¼ cups of superfine white sugar

o 4 organic eggs

o ½ cup of all purpose flour

o 1 lemon for the glaze

o ½ cup of pistachios for the glaze

o ¼ cup of superfine white sugar for the glaze

Directions for Pistachio  cake   recipe :

o Heat oven to 300 degrees

o Grease and flour a loaf pan that is 12×4 with 4 teaspoons of the butter

o Line with baking parchment paper

o Soften up the remaining margrine or butter

o Grate the lemon peel finely

o Scrape out the split vanilla beans for the seeds

o Grind almonds and pistachios finely

o Beat the sugar and the butter

o Beat each egg into the mix one at a time

o Add the vanilla seeds and the lemon peel

o Sift and fold in the flour and nuts

o Put the batter into the pan

o Bake in the over for 45 minutes to an hour

o Test with a skewer and when it comes out of the cake clean, it is ready

o Turn out the cake after it has cooled in the pan

o Grate the lemon and squeeze out the remaining juice for the frosting

o Cut the pistachios in half

o Mix the sugar and lemon juice

o Boil to a syrup

o Add the lemon peel

o Stir the pistachios and pour the mix over top of the cake

If you would like to try a delicious idea for pistachio  cake   recipe , try this pineapple pistachio  cake   recipe .


o 1 box yellow cake mix

o 1 cup of water

o ½ cup of oil

o 4 eggs

o 1 box instant pistachio pudding

o 20 ounce can of crushed pineapple with juice

o 1 package of dream whip

o 1 box instant pistachio pudding

o 1 ½ cups of milk


o Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

o Mix and then beat for two minutes the cake mix, eggs, pudding mix and oil

o Pour the batter into a cake pan that is greased and floured

o Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 35 or 40 minutes or until the cake springs back

o After removing the cake from the oven, using a fork poke holes in the top of the cake

o Pour juice of the pineapple over top of the cake

o Let the cake cool one hour

o Beat the ingredients for the topping until stiff

o Frost the cake

Enjoy this delicious pistachio  cake   recipe  for a dessert or anytime.