Strawberry Cake Recipes


If you are looking for an excellent dessert recipe and love southern cooking, this is the recipe for you. This strawberry  cake   recipe  is one of the favorites among the southern states and is perfect for any kind of occasion. This strawberry  cake   recipe  can be made with either white or yellow  cake  mix and can also be used with any from scratch  cake   recipe .

Ingredients for Strawberry  cake   recipe :

o 1 package of white cake mix

o 1 package of strawberry flavored gelatin powder – 3 ounces

o 1 cup of vegetable oil

o 4 eggs, lightly beaten

o 1/4 cup of water

o 3/4 cup of mashed strawberries

o 1/2 cup of butter

o 1 pound of confection sugar

o 1/4 cup of mashed strawberries

Directions for Strawberry  Cake   Recipe :

o Combine the cake mix and gelatin powder in a large bowl

o Beat in oil, eggs, water and strawberries

o Pour into two 9 inch round and greased cake pans

o Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes

o Cool and frost with strawberry icing

o For the icing, beat the butter and confection sugar until smooth

o Add the strawberries

o Spread between the layers of cakes

o Frost the top and sides

If you would like to try a variety of the strawberry  cake   recipe , try this pecan strawberry  cake   recipe .


o 1 box of white or yellow cake mix

o 1 cup of vegetable oil

o 4 large eggs

o 1 cup of flaked coconut

o 1 package of strawberry flavored gelatin

o 1/2 cup of milk

o 1 cup mashed fresh or frozen strawberries

o 1 cup chopped pecans

o 1 package of cream cheese, 8 ounces at room temperature

o 1/2 stick of margarine, 2 ounces at room temperature

o 1 teaspoon of vanilla

o 1/2 cup of chopped pecans

o 1/2 cup of strawberries mashed

o 5 to 6 cups of sifted powder sugar


o Mix cake mix with the strawberry flavored gelatin

o Add the oil, eggs, coconut, gelatin and milk

o Beat until well blended

o Stir in one cup mashed strawberries and one cup of pecans

o Drizzle the cooled layers with reserved juice

o Spread with a layer of icing

o Ice the sides and top

o Store the cake and refrigerate

You can serve these delicious options of the strawberry  cake   recipe  for any occasion. You can add in other ingredients such as rhubarb to add an extra tart flavor. You can also top with whipped cream or any other fruit topping you would like. Serve the cake right away or store in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.