The History of the Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is something that has been around for centuries. It dates back well into medieval times and has continued to be a prominent piece in a couple’s big day ever since. The traditional three-tier fruitcake has been something that has been used from the beginning and there is a big history in how it was used.
Why Fruit?
The first question that you may be asking is why did people use fruit for the cake? There are many different types that are available now and many people stay away from the dry fruit for their option. However, the fruitcake was the one type that was able to last without the need for refrigerators €” after all, there was no electricity.
The dessert would be made in advanced and placed in the pantry and pulled out on the day. It would still be just as fresh as the day that it was put in. From there, the icing was made and put on and the finishing touches were given to it just before the wedding.
Why Three Tiers?
The three-tier cake is one of the most popular and traditional of all. Many people may now look at adding more tiers or using cupcakes instead, but the three-tier is considered to be just right for a couple’s big day. There is a big history in the reasoning behind the three different tiers.
The bottom tier, and the largest of the three, was used to feed the friends of the couple. There would be more friends than family at the event, especially when you consider that the weddings were often a large village event. The second tier was used to feed the family of the couple, which was often considered to be the parents, siblings and sometimes aunts and uncles €” depending on the closeness of the family.
The top tier was then kept €” and sometimes still is €” for the couple’s first child’s christening. Remember that fruitcake can last for a long time. Of course, it was the general consensus that a couple would fall pregnant within the first year of the marriage so the dessert did not have to sit for too long, but it can still sit in pantries for years before the first baby arrives.
The Variation of the Cake
As technology has advanced and ways to keep food refrigerated and frozen has come about, there have been many variations on the wedding cake. Not all couples will opt for the three tiers anymore, and will look at creating larger and more extravagant ones €” this is especially the case since many people have more friends all over the world. Some couples will even look at forgoing the traditional style and use cupcakes instead, which are easier to make and handle.
On top of that, there has been a big variation on the flavors. The fruitcake is not always used; there are sponges and chocolate cakes that are popular now. There are also others who will mix and match their tiers, so that their guests have more free-reign over their choice of dessert flavor.