This History Of Mothers Day Chocolates

For many, Mothers Day chocolates have been the go-to gift year in and year out. This special day is recognized in a number of countries around the globe, such as the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Australia, Canada, China, and more. The holiday is utilized by children, partners and spouses to honor not only their mother, but grandmothers as well.
Some researchers assert that Mother’s Day comes from historic spring festivals devoted to a motherly goddesses. Greeks recognized Rhea, as the mother of all the gods, while Romans held a festival to honor Cybele, also a goddess viewed as a motherly figure. This celebration went on for days and involved parades and other frivolity. Celebrations such as this could have laid the groundwork for future gift giving, such as candy and gifts.
A more contemporary version of of the holiday commenced during the 1600’s in England. “Mothering Sunday” was commemorated on the last Sunday during Lent. Gifts were given, including a special cake and quite possibly other gifts as well. Within the United States, the holiday was initially proposed by Julia Ward Howe in the year 1872. However, it was a actually woman who not a mother who directed the campaign for national recognition of the day.
Anna Jarvis organized a ceremony during the year 1907 in West Virginia to pay tribute to her deceased mother. Her mother had attempted to set up Friendship Days for moms as a means of coping with the aftermath of the brutal Civil War. Anna Jarvis started a promotion to produce a nationwide holiday remembering mothers. She, along with her supporters wrote letters to influential individuals, and were quite successful in their endeavors.
In West Virginia, the holiday was celebrated beginning in 1910, but it would not be until 1914 that President Wilson would assert the second Sunday during the month of May as the official date for the holiday. Jarvis made use of white carnations as the official symbolic representation for moms, because they represent wholesomeness and love. Here again, we see where the gift of flowers may have joined Mothers Day chocolates as a traditional gift.
The celebration has long been a very special holiday, especially within the United States. Flowers, candy, and paper cards have become traditional gifts, along with treating mom to lunch or dinner. Celebrating mom for all she does only makes sense, and today, there are many different gifts and tokens which can be used to show appreciation and affection.